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Active Rehabilitation

Part of the process of moving more efficiently is doing the right exercises and stretches. It is not a random mix of exercises, Random exercises get random results.  These exercises are thoroughly researched and found to be the most effective at getting you back to health. They are part of a graded progression to get your body doing what you love again. Dr. Peplow is a firm believer that active rehabilitation is the key to staying injury free and moving properly.  Active rehabilitation is a must if you want to become or stay injury free.


During the initial assessment, Dr. Peplow looks for strength imbalances, range of motion discrepancies and postural alterations. Areas you may have thought were fine may be found to be painful or the cause of pain elsewhere.   This is due to different structures having an effect elsewhere (painful area vs causative area) After these areas are corrected, we work on creating stability and control of these areas, through progression of exercises. This helps decrease the chances of re-injury.